I cannot recommend Kitty Amour Enough

I cannot recommend Kitty Amour enough. I got a kitten last summer and through the entire process I was so impressed by the knowledge and expertise Teresa had around this breed.

My kitten, Marty Byrde, is almost a year and a half old and I love him more every day. He is playful but very confident and extremely affectionate/snuggly. Even with his tiny nose he can run and wrestle without wheezing (which was a big concern i had with owning this breed, but he has ZERO issue breathing). He wrestles with my dog and my other cats have been obsessed with him since the moment I brought him home. I plan to get an orange kitten from Kitty Amour down the road. I would recommend this breeder to any of my close friends or family who are considering this breed!!

Maris B