Our Kings

Kitty Amour Exotic Shorthair and Longhair (also known as Persian) Cats is a breeder of these beautiful exotics. Our King breeds exquisite exotic shorthair kittens. Kitty Amour premier parents come from outstanding international bloodlines. 

Our kittens for sale come in a variety of colors. Our CFA registered cattery provides a clean, safe space for kittens to grow up well-socialized and healthy.

King Phoenix

Phoenix: a striking boy that produces outstanding, people-pleaser kittens! He is a fantastic foundation cat, with great features and brings a wide range of color: solids, bicolors, torties, and calicos. Phoenix is CFA registered and hails from Russia, He tests DNA negative for PKD, and he can produce occasional longhaired offspring depending on the pairing.


King Gary

Gary: upcoming stud boy, still growing into his place in our program. Gary is PKD negative by DNA testing, and he can only produce short hair kittens, no matter the pairing. His genetic code will bring tabby, tortie, and calicos. He is a dilute carrier, so he can also bring creams and blues.


Retired King

King Beluga