How to Reserve Your Kitten

Reserving a Kitty Amour Kitten:

Priority is given to those who have placed a deposit with us. You may see pictures on social media, but none of them can be reserved until they are vet-cleared. Specific kittens will be available for reserving once it has been cleared by our veterinarian.  

We keep only a reservation list from people who put down a deposit. (We don’t keep a waiting list.) This gets you a place in line for First Right of Refusal by date of deposit.

You may specify gender and/or color, in which case you will be offered those babies that fit that preference.  The other option is to ask to be offered everything that comes up when it is your turn.

How to make a payment

I’m sorry, but we don’t know the exact timeframe for availability.  Nature is in control of that, but we do have kittens coming quite often! We can know options that MAY arise within a breeding couplet, but we cannot guarantee a specific outcome.

You may see a kitten on our Facebook or Instagram page that is not going to be offered.  Our number one goal is producing the most excellent kitties for our program. Therefore, we reserve the right to withhold a kitten that we feel fits our program goals.

After you place a deposit, you will be offered kittens. The expectation is that you would decide and respond if you want to accept the kitten within 24 hours of being offered, as we have others eagerly waiting as well.

If you are unavailable or do not respond within 24 hours after our contact attempts to offer you a kitten we will place your deposit and position on hold until we hear from you.  We will not continue to try to reach you if you are not responsive. (We will attempt to contact you via the communication channel we had been using…text/messenger/call, etc.)

Deposits are non-refundable. Your deposit is a commitment of your desire to adopt a kitten with us.

Please review our Kitten Contract prior to placing a deposit. We love seeing our kitties go to your loving homes, and we look forward to working with you to find the perfect baby for your household!