Kitten Contract

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Kitty Amour Sales Agreement


Kitten/Cat description:________________________________________


Kitty Amour (Breeder) is selling this kitten/cat as a pet registered with CFA.

Buyer agrees to pay Seller a non-refundable, agreed upon deposit requesting a
kitten be reserved for the buyer. (Amount pd $______ date: __________)

The balance of the purchase price will be paid upon delivery of  the reserved kitten/cat.

This kitten/cat:

  1. Will be provided adequate indoor sanitary facilities and this kitten/cat will not be allowed to roam outdoors. 
  2. Will be provided with quality food, fresh water, and human attention/affection. 
  3. Is purchased as a PET and Purchaser agrees to NEUTER or SPAY before 12 months of age.
  4. Will remain in purchaser’s home. Should the need arise for a new home, the kitten/cat MUST BE OFFERED BACK TO BREEDER (exception is if it will remain with another family member). 
  5. Registration papers are provided with kittens/cats sold as pets once confirmation of spay/neuter is provided from vet. This kitten/cat is sold as a pet and purchaser Purchaser agrees to keep Seller updated with contact information and to send pictures occasionally to Seller. 
  6. Is up to date on vaccinations and has been checked and deemed healthy, free of infectious or life-threatening congenital defects per a Texas licensed veterinarian. Seller guarantees against such with a replacement kitten/cat after all documentation is provided by a licensed veterinarian, within TWO years of taking possession, as long as breeder remains in business. NO CASH REFUNDS will be given for any reason. 
  7. Is to be examined within 72 hours of taking possession by a licensed veterinarian. If health issues are found, SELLER will refund the full purchase price after kitten/cat is returned with the statement of findings from a licensed veterinarian. Transportation costs are the responsibility of the purchaser.
  8. Seller does NOT guarantee against treatable nuances, such as internal/external parasite, herpes, minor URI, fungus, yeast, etc. which are not life threatening and are considered common to the breed and can/could be brought on by stress. However, Seller would never knowingly place a kitten/cat with these conditions. Seller does not vaccinate for FIP, as vaccinating against this disease can actually give the kitten/cat the disease! 
  9. Seller does not guarantee the health of kittens/cats if they have been vaccinated for FIP, OR Feline Leukemia after going to their new homes. 

THIS AGREEMENT IS THE ENTIRE AGREEMENT BETWEEN PURCHASER AND SELLER. Purchasers signature indicates full agreement and approval of ALL conditions stated above. 


Address: ______________________________________________

Email: ________________________________Phone: (____) _____-_____

Download the Pet Kitten Contract as a PDF file. (Opens new window, close to return.)